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Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Redevelopment
Austin, Texas

The Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Redevelopment has resulted in the creation of a mixed-use community that is compact and pedestrian-scaled, supportive of transit and compatible and complementary with the surrounding fabric of single-family neighborhoods. Significant infrastructure improvements were necessary to allow for Mueller's transformation from airport and industrial uses to a mixed-use urban community. Over 4,000 new dwellings including small lot single-family homes, townhouses, live/work lofts, apartments and condominiums are planned. Retail, dining, and entertainment centers will be distributed throughout the community with a particular emphasis on the Town Center. Other amenities included the new state-of-the-art Dell Children's Center of Central Texas, commercial office space, a mixed-use employment center and approximately 160 acres of public parks and open spaces connected to an extensive hike/bike trail system.

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